Marita Jee Eun Dypvik Bruun

Marita Jee Eun Dypvik Bruun

Marita Jee Eun Dypvik Bruun
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Naaw ♥

Some adorable baby Panda Images. Got to love Panda’s. Newborn Panda’s are super small. About 3 to 5 ounces when they are born. Pandas are born born pink, and covered in short white hairs. It Its eyes are shut tightly and it cries very loudly and often.

Hello Kitty USB / MIMOBOT

Nerd Mimobot USB by Hello Kitty Wearing thick-rimmed black spectacles, a pocket protector, and a checkered bow on her head, Nerd Kitty reflects Hello Kitty’s more studious and inner geek-chic side. Nerd Kitty drops at San Diego Comic Con

Alex Young

Alex Young ''Heavily influenced by the subcultural paradigms of comic, skateboarding, and tattoo culture, Alex Young draws upon a rich.