Traditional Norwegian knitting patterns, Selbu mittens. 1. Værhorns-rosa (Rams Horn rose), 2. Endløs-rosa (Endless rose), also called Grankvist (spruce branch), 3. Kinn'tyrill-rosa (though I have also seen this named Rams Horn rose)

carly waito: selbu mittens charts included and reference in comments to revelry pattern link


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I made this vest for my friend's baby girl, but I made it in stripes (brown, robin's egg blue, and teal stripes) and I didn't do the cable. I totally plan to make this vest again, and next time try the owl or aran braid cable. It's a really adorable sweater vest!

Milo pattern by Georgie Nicolson

Beautiful Nordic mitten by Maskedilla

Beautiful Nordic mitten by Maskedilla färgstickning mönsterstickning…

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