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Mirjam Nikoline

Mirjam Nikoline
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valloir: “ homesteadilee: “ dezzoi: “My Vladi running with joy today on a hike ” stammsternenstaub ” chinburd ”


the borzoi is a Russian sighthound breed, ie related to greyhounds, whippets and Afghans, etc. It is a huge dog. The name "borzoi" means "fast". The breed is also sometimes called Russian wolfhound.

Borzoi by © Peter Marek, via Flickr.com.

Borzoi - The Borzoi, Saluki, and Afgan Hound are some of the most Gorgeous looking canines on the planet. Extremely sensitive creatures to the way they are handled and cared for, they are highly intelligent and known for being very aloof animals.

"Where's that cat?" #dogs #pets #Borzois facebook.com/sodoggonefunny

This self red and white Borzoi reminds you just how tall Borzoi are!