Algoyne hakeifolia:  watercolor by Ferdinand Bauer ~ Natural History Museum, London

Ferdinand Bauer: "the Leonardo of natural history illustration"

Platypus watercolour by Ferdinand Bauer

The Austrian born brothers, Franz and Ferdinand Bauer, are widely acclaimed as the greatest botanical artists of all time.

The White Pine (Pinus Strobus) tree is easily identified by counting the needles in the needle-cluster bundles. Description from I searched for this on

About The Bauer Brothers - Famous Botanical Artists

Pinus strobus - by Ferdinand Bauer. Hand-colored stipple engraving from A Description of the Genus Pinus by Aylmer Bourke Lambert

Wombat by Ferdinand Bauer, ca. 1802

Wombat by Ferdinand Bauer, ca.

antique hedgehog | Hedgehog IllustrationRare book, "Drawings of Animals of Greece and the ...

uncertaintimes: “ Ferdinand Bauer, Erinaceus from Fauna Graeca, or Animals of the Levant, Animalarium ”

bauer wombats

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Ferdinand Bauer - Google zoeken

Ferdinand Bauer - Google zoeken

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