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a yellow rubber duck sitting on top of a brick floor
memes gatilho (@jeantissociall_) / X
the words are written in black ink on a white paper with some type of writing
the word o amo is written in black ink on a piece of paper
além do que se vê
a wooden sign that says,'tua graca me basta '
Frases inspiradoras🍃
the words via pelo que eferno are written in red ink on a beige background
the words are written in red on a pink background
a sign that has been vandalized on the side of a road with graffiti
the word o amo amou written in black ink on a cement surface with a cross
a woman standing in front of a window with the sun shining on her face and hair
Frases de um cristão - FRASES PARA JOVENS CRISTÃOS
a black background with the words jesus as atlas
a black background with white text that reads, there are only two things in the dark
two beautiful young women standing next to each other in front of a cityscape