Adolf Tidemand (1814-1876),Norwegian artist

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Grandparents, Pintura

Adolph Tidemand was a Norwegian romantic nationalism painter who studied in Denmark, Germany, and Italy, but his great works were focused on the folk, culture and landscapes of his native land.

1853 painting of Sognefjord by Hans Gude and Adolph Tidemand.

:A Tidemand-Parti fra Oslo Strandgate - Adolph Tideman

Adolph Tidemand was a noted Norwegian romantic nationalism painter. Among his best known paintings are Haugianerne (The Haugeans; and Brudeferd i Hardanger (The Bridal Procession in painted in collaboration with Hans Gude

19th Century

Oil painting Fishermen Hans Gude and Adolph Tidemand moonlit night scenery art