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an easter bunny sitting in the middle of some eggs with words written on it and another rabbit standing next to them
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"I'm Just an Easter Bunny" says Stalin as depicted in a 1949 New York Times cartoon.
a cartoon drawing of a man pushing a trash can with the words truman's doctrine on it
Truman's Doctrine
an old cartoon shows two men working in the ground with shovels and a tractor behind them
Exhibitions - Library of Congress
Image of Herblock's "It's the same thing without mechanical problems"
an image of a black object flying over the top of a cliff with words on it
CARTOON: COLD WAR, 1948. 'Peace Today.' Rube Goldberg's 1948 Pulitzer Prize winning cartoon comment on the precarious position of world peace.
superpower relations 1945-62 | Hstry Us History, Ap Euro, Historia, Political Posters, Winston, The Unit, History Education
superpower relations 1945-62 | Hstry
a hand is holding the american flag on top of chess pieces
Cartoon depicting the power struggle between the democratic countries and communists countries during the Cold War. Click on pin to preview our DVD.
an old cartoon shows people standing in front of two rockets and one is pointing at the other
Political cartoon of the cold war representing the use of weapons to scare the USSR.
an old black and white drawing of a man sitting on top of a world globe
Stalin Cartoon, 1952
a cartoon depicting two hands reaching out to each other with the words west and east written on them
Nuclear Arms Race Cartoon | Arms Race Cold War
a cartoon depicting a bear and a man in the snow
political cartoon marshall aid and truman doctrine - Google Search
a drawing of a bear with the word berlin in it's mouth and an american flag on its head
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Soviet bear tries to strangle West Berlin, United States (1948)
an image of a bunch of rockets in the air
Another political cartoon - this time highlighting the huge impact that nuclear weapons were having on the cold war. Although they were very rarely used, the constant threat and fear of them hung over the world.
Cold War Propaganda Cartoons | Fire!" - Herblock's History: Political Cartoons from the Crash to the ... Propaganda Posters, Propaganda, Political Images, Cartoonist
Exhibitions - Library of Congress
Cold War Propaganda Cartoons | Fire!" - Herblock's History: Political Cartoons from the Crash to the ...