fruit cones for apps - healthy sugar kick to get the party started!

Fun Serving Ideas for a 4th of July Picnic

Fresh Fruit Bar - Fair-Style Berry Cones - Use food to decorate the picnic table. Form sturdy waxed paper into cones, securing with transparent tape. Fill each cone with blue or red berries to create a sweet treat and dazzling display all in one.

4th of July: Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries

Red White and Blue for July ~ Cream Cheese Stuffed Strawberries topped with a Blueberry. I would personally do whipped cream, but love the idea

Yummy, fourth of July snack, it's so hard to keep them busy day of, in anticipation for the night!

Festive July 4th Desserts

For a sweet of July dessert that isn't packed with calories and fat, try this pretty parfait. Fresh blueberries and strawberries layered between low-fat vanilla yogurt add easy festive flair to this red, white, and blue treat.

The 36th AVENUE | Ten 4th of July Delicious Treats

Ten 4th of July Delicious Treats

Fourth of July Delicious Treats: healthy red, white and blue fruit salad. So simple and easy to make. And kids will eat it!

Top 20 Holiday Food Recipes

Top 10 Remarkable 4th of July Desserts

My Little Kitchen: 17. mai cupcakes

My Little Kitchen: mai cupcakes. For Nowegian Heritage Celebration.