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a flower that is in the middle of a quote about love and affection for someone
«Di lo que te molesta cuando te moleste y no cuando te harte, así podrás decirlo con tus mejores palabras y no con tus mejores ofensas». Frase compartida por Aureliano Navarro Hernández en su tablero ´Reflexiones’ de Pinterest.
a person standing in front of a tree with the words, en el silencio recordaras lo que tu alma ysabe
LaMenteEsMaravillosa on Twitter
a piece of paper with writing on it that says disen que nadde cambia de la noche al manana
Frases con imágenes para hacer sonreír a alguien
a wooden bridge with the words nattsukashi written on it in spanish and english
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
a black and white photo with the words in spanish above it, which reads,'juitos somos lo que la pobore gente no al acanana
20 de Frases de Pablo Neruda que te harán creer en el amor
many different pictures of the famous paintings
Monalisa en cuarentena (Fases) – Memes graciosos 2021
a dog with its hair blowing in the wind and captioning that it's not raining
a small dog sitting on top of a wooden floor
a dog with its tongue out and stars around it
the words are written in black and white
Frases de Gabriel García Márquez que você pode levar para a vida
a piece of paper with the words in spanish
Avenida 749
an old man with a mustache is looking at the camera and has a quote on it
Táctica y Estrategia
an image of a quote written in spanish