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Michelle Myhrvold

Michelle Myhrvold
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This is one of the digital artist Sarolta Ban's composite image. I love the incredible scene that she has created, it's a wonderful visual experience for the viewers. I like the idea of using large scale paint brushes as trees. I like the artist's choice

I think this edit is really funny and intresting too look at despite the fact it isent anti gravity it is still really intresting.

These light bulbs appear to be actually full of water. The bubbles in the water were likely part of the water photo, or even the fish, but look like they are inside the bulb. The highlights and shadows on the bulb make it appear rounded and realistic.

The most creative examples I could find of photo-editing wizardry. Lots of hybrid animals, soft materials that should be brittle and vice versa, body parts looking far too natural in the wrong plac.


I love eggs. My boyfriend loves them even more. I used to think egg was boring to eat for breakfast and in salads for example. And for a person who loves running like me, egg is a good source to healthy stuff.