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two candy lollipops sitting on top of a piece of paper next to each other
Be a hijaabi...♥️♥️Angel saru♥️♥️
two circles with the words when we pray, answers more than we ask
the names of different countries are shown in black and white
Muslim Calendar
some dates are in the middle of an advertisement
The two major Israeli companies involved in the production and export of dates are Agrexco and Hadiklaim. Both companies operate illegally in the occupied Jordan Valley, exploiting Palestinian laborers (including children), who are being systematically forced off their land by the Israeli army. Agrexco, Israel’s largest produce exporters, includes the brands Carmel, Carmel Bio-Top, Alesia, Jordan Plains, and Jordan Valley.
the time and date for women in roman numerals, which are written on black paper
Ibn Amin on Twitter
Word repetitions in the Qur'an Miracle
the text is written in different languages
Teaching & Learning ...
an arabic poster with the names of different languages
an advertisement for the 25 projects of allaah mentoned in the qaran
Prophets of Islam
a woman wearing a red shirt with words on it and a scarf around her head
I loved what it says on the shirt :) <3
an advertisement for the power of quran
Should recite Quran everyday. The power of our soul.
an image with the words, beware whoever is cruel and harsh to non - muslim minority
About Islam
Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings upon him, was the fairest person to walk this Earth. ✌ Learn #Islam from a #Muslim not the media!
the names of different languages are shown in black and white