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Examples of bullying. Name calling etc.

these are sll thr things i hear at school and they sit there and stare at my wrist and then I find an empty stall and add to my collection;

The urge the punishment the way you can feel your skin ripping under the blade hoping to leave a scar wih this one cuz the last one didn't do u push it even harder

and the urge to leave scars, and when you dont the urge to cut deeper because you cant even get that right

i told you that when you met me but you still put me through all the same pain everyone else has

blood depressed depression suicidal suicide anxiety alone Scared self harm self hate cut cutter cutting ugly cuts scars stupid worthless Afraid Mistake wrist razor thigh failure scarred blade

Really for me the pain comes with knowing my own worth and not having it be noticed or aknowleged by the ones I love the most

Would you look at me the same if you saw all my scars, if you knew all my pain?you wouldn't. I'm sorry I'm such a mess, I really am, because I love you and want to be who you want me to be. But you don't know the real me, and it's killing me.