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It’s been heating up around here.  After the intensely endless winter we just had, I’m not complaining.  Not one bit.  We can finally enjoy those refreshingly cool treats of summer.  I am rediscovering the wonders of smoothies.  Mostly because they’re a foolproof way to get all my kids to eagerly gulp down a glass full …

Avocado Coconut Smoothie Ingredients 1 large, just ripened avocado 1 cup whole Greek yogurt (vanilla or honey) TB honey or agave nectar, depending on desired sweetness cup unsweetened coconut milk 1 cup baby spinach leaves ½ – ¾ cup crushed ice, optional

A great way to introduce your friends to green smoothies is to have a party. Instead of cocktails, whip up a big pitcher of green smoothie. This has got to be one of our family favorites— juicy, sweet pineapple; refreshing mint and a squeeze of lime. The only thing missing is the beach. If …

Pineapple Mojito Green Smoothie INGREDIENTS 2 cups kale 2 cups coconut water 3 cups pineapple ¼ cup fresh mint leaves Juice of 1 lime DIRECTIONS Blend kale and coconut water until Add remaining ingredients, and blend until smooth.

Give yourself a protein boost with this yummy Berry Protein Bash green smoothie. Protein burns slower than carbohydrates, so adding it to smoothies helps prevent blood sugar spikes and helps prevent hunger pains. And it’s also great if you are working towards a flat belly or building muscles. Yes, the majority of us are on a mission to get those firm abs back— and drinking a protein-rich smoothie after your work-outs is the perfect formula.

Berry Protein Bash - Simple Green Smoothies cups spinach, fresh * 2 cups almond milk, unsweetened * 1 cup strawberries * 1 cup blueberries * 1 apple (subbing for banana) * cup almonds (soaked in water overnight)

We are lovers of all things leafy green— especially kale. And this extremely creamy green smoothie is no exception.

Avo-Banana Kale - Simple Green Smoothies ingredients cups kale, fresh 2 cups water 3 bananas avocado – Serves 2 – directions Blend kale and water until smooth. Next add the remaining fruits and blend again.