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an aerial view of a building made out of wooden blocks and plants on the roof
sou fujimoto creates a stacked rental space tower for house vision tokyo
an indoor play area with artificial turf and stairs leading up to the second floor, surrounded by potted plants
Destination Hostel à Lisbonne, bienvenue à la maison
people are sitting in chairs and relaxing on the green carpeted flooring inside an apartment building
Lisbon Destination Hostel, Lisbon | 2024 Updated Prices, Deals
three different views of the same room in a house, each with its own bedroom and bathroom
Modular exklusiv - Studentenwohnheim von ITAR bei Versailles | Studentenwohnheim, Studentenhaus, Grundriss wohnung
the floor plan for a studio apartment
Studenten-Apartments in Berlin-Mitte ab € 585 — Studio:B II
the floor plan for a small apartment with two separate rooms and one living room in it
JDS architects: 'M6B1' student housing, paris
the floor plan for an apartment building with multiple levels and different rooms, all in various colors
three floor plans for two bedroom apartments
Student Housing / C.F. Møller
the floor plan for a two bedroom apartment with an attached kitchen and living room area
RIT & University of Rochester Housing | Park Point
an image of a small house in the woods with furniture and trees around it,
Double THOW with open air pavilion between. (Render)
Double THOW with open air pavilion between. (Render) : TinyHouses