Da Bears!

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the chicago bears logo on an orange and black background with text that reads, bear down
Bear Down Chocago Paw
two football players kneel down on the field
Da Bears, Jim McMahon and Sweetness, Super Bowl XX
a football sitting on top of a table with a quote above it
"If you are determined enough and willing to pay the price, you can get it done." -Mike Ditka
an image of a man with glasses and the words ditka in front of him
404 Error
Mike Ditka - 1985 Retro Football T Shirt
an orange and white bear head with the word chicago on it's back side
Chicago is "DA BEARS"
two baseball players hugging each other in front of a crowd
Walter Payton and Michael Jordan Chicago's greatest!
a football player with the number 55 on his uniform and an inscription that reads, everyday i'm shuflin
Go Bears
a football player is holding the ball in his hands
Alshon Jeffery posing
the words shuffle like it's 1965 on a gray t - shirt
the chicago bears fear down logo is shown in this graphic style, with an orange and black bear on it's head
Bear Down, Chicago Bears
"I'M WITH STUPID" Packers Funny, Minnesota Vikings Football, Living Trust
the chicago bears football player has his hands in the air
Chicago Bears Nation on X
Jay Cutler
an orange and blue paw print with the chicago bears logo
Chicago bleeds Orange & Blue