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When the painter MacLeay completed the watercolour on 24 November 1867, he declared "Ewen & Lachlan MacPherson were the finest men yet taken for the series" The one fair, by name Lachlan MacPherson 6 feet 3 inches in height - he was Champion of Scotland all Athletic Sports - in the Picture he holds the Old Green Banner of the Clan. The other man is Ewan MacPherson dark as a Spaniard, he stands 6 feet 2 and carries the Target made in France for Prince Charles Edward before he came to…

Lachlan McPherson and Ewan McPherson as depicted in watercolour by Kenneth MacLeay RSA and published in the work, The Highlanders of Scotland.

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My love is telling me about these old fashioned shawls which look great (2.4.)

Kilt-Scottish soldiers wore kilts in battles. Kilt aprons were used to replace the sporran, which held items, and protected the kilt when in the line. These soldiers would carry gas in small bags over the kilt, like a sporran