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an empty room with a bench, coat rack and vase on the floor next to it
an empty room with wooden slats on the wall
an open closet with clothes hanging in it
a white building sitting next to a tree and shrubbery
villa D & V — Ai&M | ABS Bouwteam | Annick Vernimmen | architectuur| Belgium
a coat rack in the corner of a room
the side of a building with some windows on it's side and trees in the background
Villa Ålsgårde
Villa Ålsgårde - Petersen Tegl
the closet is empty and ready to be used as a dressing room or office space
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an empty hallway with wooden cabinets and wood flooring on both sides is seen in this image
an empty room with wooden walls and carpeted flooring is seen in this image
Wickham House, MODO Architecture | Strathmore, VIC, Australia - The Local Project