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a white box sitting on top of a table next to a wall light with holes in it
7 Christmas Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss
7 Christmas Packaging You Shouldn't Miss on Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery
six retro style posters with women in different poses
Chocolate package design
four boxes with different types of scissors on them
Inspiration Gallery - 28 February
Designer: Dave Raxworthy #Packaging
an assortment of food items on display in plastic containers with the words fresh from them
Fruit Yogurt Designed by Mika Kañive. I like the clear packaging to show off the fruit and yogurt inside.
a cardboard box that has some type of packaging on it
several different types of books stacked on top of each other
Concept: Design Sucks - DIELINE
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an image of many different objects floating in the air with white and gold lines on them
Figula Olaszrizling 2013 (Student Project)
Figula Olaszrizling 2013 (Student Project)... #taninotanino #vinosmaximum
four heart shaped cookies in different shapes and sizes
【楽天市場】ジュエルボックス(ハートクッキー)ウエルカムオブジェ 48個セット【プチギフト お菓子】【ウェルカムボード】★:ブライダル&ギフトDearCreation
three different types of sodas are shown in the same image, one is black and white
10 Awesome Wine Labels
Yea! Mini Garage Winery produces their wine in what used to be a tractor shop in Germany.
three pieces of white paper are shown with the box cut out and ready to be put into
PACKAGING & DIELINES: The Designer's Book of Packaging Dielines
2-Piece Rigid Box - Packaging & Dielines: The Designer's Book of Packaging Dielines
two pink and green boxes sitting next to each other on top of a white surface
Project Charisma - Camellia & Hilary
Project Charisma - Camellia & Hilary on Behance
three different shades of colored paper next to each other on a black surface with the words hilary
Project Charisma - Camellia & Hilary
Project Charisma - Camellia & Hilary on Behance
an assortment of chocolates and candy bars are shown in three different images, each with their own logo
Theo Chocolate Packaging Design
Unique Packaging Design, Theo Chocolate #packaging #design (