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Kpop Education 101 ft. GOT7

Mark and Yugyeom is so accurate. Thats why the members always laugh when he trys to act sexy! and they pick on him so much my poor baby

They all look the same without makeup. I don't understand why they don't like it.

This is me I'm 11 and wear makeup but not a butt load but I wear and don't look diffrent I don't wear like a bunch of diffrent colores I wear black,white,brown a hind of dark purple


It sounds like he's a rich add kid who didnt get what he wanted but his dad is a million air.

Why do I feel like he would actually do something like that

He must never be president //<what are you talking about, he'd cause a dabbing sensation that'll make America great again. And that would be the moment that'll make me wanna visit America