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bunad (I have no idea what region this is from, but I've never, ever seen purple ... interesting!)

"Beltestakk" from Øst-Telemark, Telemark, Norway. This bunad have many variations. You have a lot of different choices in this buand and almost no one have the excact same model

Bunad traditional dress of Norway.  (I could see my daughter in something like this. My kids paternal Grandfather is Norwegian.)

This is a Bunad traditional dress of Norway. The head piece is called a skaut, and is worn by married women. Other headpieces are worn by young girls, like beaded caps. Unmarried women wear headband like wraps for their head pieces.

Løkendrakt from Aurskog-Høland, Akershus- Norway

Løkendrakt from Aurskog-Høland, Akershus- Norway-traditional bunads from the region some of my ancestors are from.