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a woman wearing a blue hat and holding her hands out to the side, with one hand on her hip
seasidecollectibles - Etsy
a woman wearing a black hat with a watermelon slice on her face and holding it up to her face
Oh, summer! by Sanja Veljanoska, via Behance watermelon girl summer girl illustration | Ilustrations | Art, Illustration art, Art drawings
a woman wearing a red hat with the sun above her head, in front of a yellow and red background
Stylish Journey - Art illustrations series.
a woman wearing a red hat and dress
a woman wearing a large hat with black and white stripes on her face, in front of a brown background
Art Prints & Printed Wall Decor | Society6
an image of a woman with a hat on it's head and red lips
Malika Favre's Summertime Hues
a woman with a hat on her head and red lips in the shape of a maze
Aymen Aziz
an illustration of a woman in black and white
Fondos de Pantalla AMOLED
a drawing of a woman with blue eyes and red hair holding her hand to her face
The Damaging Tears of White Women
an image of a woman's face with long eyelashes and eyeliners on a red background
Art Deco Fashion illustration Art Print by Tina Lavoie
two pictures with different designs on them and one is being made out of cardboards
DIY Artwork For Your Home, Part 2