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Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism–from Ferguson to Charleston
a tweet that reads, it honesty doesn't matter how easy it is to work
Don’t let the antiantiwork people see this
a tweet with the caption that reads, so when did you work full time
Republican Idiots
Republican Idiots
there is a panda bear mug with cookies in it
21 White Elephant Gift Ideas That'll Entertain Guests — All For $50 or Less
an old paper with the text on it that reads, no economic will ever come up with
Being poor is expensive. - Random
ryan barratt tweets about his new job at cinema and it's changed my life, asked my boss what if we see someone taking their own food
no seriously is this true??
a text message that reads, going with a female friend to get her car mot d
the tweet is being posted on twitter
‘Who Was The Nicest Celeb You’ve Ever Met?’—25 Replies
the world map with words and pictures on it
an image of people on twitter with the caption'because people always seem to be confused '
Picture memes YqO2g2t57: 1 comment — iFunny
a small white and brown dog laying on top of a sidewalk next to a blue leash
Heartwarming Doggo Rates From WeRateDogs
Cheezburger Image 9249177856
Picture memes TGD5GGXq6 — iFunny
Picture memes TGD5GGXq6 — iFunny
an image of two people and a dog on the same page
Outta here with that dumb shit
Outta here with that dumb shit - memes