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the text reads, why do you stay at your job if it's that bad?
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a man with long hair wearing a bandana
I made this, enjoy 🏴‍☠️
Cartoon vs. Reality
Rabbert shows us the differences of Cartoons vs reality even though he is a cartoon he can be quite realistic. #rabbert #animation
a white cat wearing glasses while sitting on top of a person's hand next to a table
the animated character is wearing glasses and pointing to something in front of him on the sidewalk
the story behind beauty and the beast from disney's animated movie, which is now being
there is a man dressed in armor and holding an umbrella
the hobbot is sitting in a field with his bow and arrow on it
Aragorn/ Strider from Lord of the Rings
a cat sitting in the grass with its eyes closed and mouth wide open, saying me i don't like dawn music
Das good shit - Movie & TV
an image of the text that reads, i'm not sure if this is true or
its an old one but it checks out | You Have My Sword, and My Bow, and My Axe