Megan Ermitage

Megan Ermitage

Megan Ermitage
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Mirja Fenris Tattoo

Tattoos von Mirja Fenris - I don't really want a tattoo or to pierce my belly button but the two of these go together well

So pretty

Polynesian Tattoo Photos that are truly breathtaking. See the best artists, placements, and symbolic meanings behind Polynesian tattoo art.

watercolor tattoo

abstract flower tattoo i dunno what it is about this, but it's beautiful!, i like the random patches of color instead of having the whole thing filled in, and with thin delicate lines kind of framing the flower

watercolor tattoo!

Water color back tattoo. I love this style but I'm not sure what I would get that would truly represent me. Maybe mixing the watercolor style with another type would yield good results.

Tree of Life

A beautifully detailed art print from the original Tree of Life drawing with Sun and Moon by me the artist Liza Paizis. Black and white tree of Life design ©Liza Paizis. ** Please note that this image is protected by copyright laws.

Circle Of Life Enso tattoo. Zen Buddhist symbol of enlightenment, clarity, balance and life.

"I always liked what the zen circle (or Enso) symbolizes: enlightenment, strength, sometimes infinity and imperfection. Now I have found the meaning why I love it: because Im just as imperfect as this unfinished circle, and this is how it should be.