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three black and white chairs, one with a wooden armrest and the other with metal frame
Loungesett Monaco 4 stk Svart Stål
Hagemøbelsett Monaco i nett design. Stålramme, armlener i aintwood og sete og rygg i kunstrotting. Pakken inneholder 2 lenestoler, mål:...
an outdoor furniture set with two chairs and a coffee table in front of the couch
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a white couch and coffee table sitting on top of a white flooring area next to each other
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the table and chairs are all white with black cushions
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the table and chairs are all black
FAMIGLIA Hagesett | Bohus
a table and chairs on the beach with flowers in a vase sitting on top of it
Freeport uttrekksbord
mobelringen.no Freeport uttrekksbord - Møbelringen
an outdoor table with grey slatted wood and metal frame, viewed from the side
SJÄLLAND Bord, utendørs - IKEA
an outdoor deck with chairs, tables and plants on it near the water's edge
two chairs and a table on a wooden dock
Stilig gruppe med moderne og enkel form. Med komfortable og gode sete- og ryggputer.
a couch sitting on top of a wooden dock
Stilig hjørnegruppe i 5 deler med ramme i hvit aluminium. Løst hjørne i midten for å kunne speilvende sofaen.
an outdoor table on a white background with shadow from the top and bottom part of the table
Et lekkert uttrekkbart spisebord, 176 - 239 cm langt. Kjøp ett Athen bord og 4 Torino stoler eller 4 Athen stoler og få en pakkepris.
the table is made from wood and has an aluminum frame, with a wooden slatted top
Hagemøbler til terrasse, balkong og uteplass
Bord MOSS B95xL214/315 grå | JYSK