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a tree that has some kind of face on it's bark and is in the grass
the bark of an old tree with green leaves
an old tree with no leaves is shown against the blue sky in this photo, looking up at it
there is a large tree in the distance with no leaves on it at night time
Early morning in december.
an old wooden boat sitting on the ground next to a body of water with trees in the background
Ro, ro, ro din båt... Row, row, row your boat. ..
the sun is setting behind some bare tree branches in front of a blue and pink sky
Den blå timen...
the sun is setting behind some bare trees and buildings with no leaves or branches on them
Trollsk desemberhimmel
a street light in the distance with trees and houses behind it at sunset or dawn
December heaven
there is a bird that is sitting on top of a tree
Cretan Sea View
a flock of ducks swimming on top of a lake
a large body of water surrounded by trees
Nesparken, Vansjø
a large body of water sitting next to a lush green field
Vansjø, Moss
there are many bean bags on the grass by the water's edge in this park
Nesparken, Moss
a rainbow shines in the distance over a lake
Nesparken, Moss
many people are walking around in front of some buildings and one has a clock tower
Tallinn, Estland