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a painting of a woman with two jugs in the middle of a wavy pattern
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of paintings
Claire McCardell once named The High Priestess of Understatement (part 2)
Fernand Leger-print dress
an old man sitting in a chair surrounded by paintings
Joan Miró’s Mallorca studio recreated in London for an immersive exhibition
an abstract painting with various shapes and sizes
Joan Miro. Head of a Peasant. 1924-25
an abstract painting with animals and birds in the foreground, on a yellow background
Guggenheim Museum on Instagram: "Joan Miró, a pioneering figure in the Surrealist movement, created whimsical and dreamlike artworks. Born on this day in Barcelona in 1893, Miró's distinctive style fused abstract forms with a playful use of color and line. Miró often depicted fantastical creatures, celestial bodies, and symbols drawn from his Catalan heritage. Miró explored the subconscious and rejected conventional artistic norms. During the summer of 1923, Joan Miró began painting "The Tilled Field," a view of his family’s farm in Montroig, Catalonia. This painting is the first example of Miró’s Surrealist vision. __ 🎨: Joan Miró, "The Tilled Field," 1923-24. © 2024 Successió Miró/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris. #JoanMiró"
an abstract painting with various shapes and colors
Joan Miró Constellations in Love.l.(1941)
an image of different types of lines and shapes
Using Lines to Express Emotions | Line art lesson, Graphic design lessons, Principles of art