A colorful playground!

Amazing outdoor play space for kids- use it for inspiration, love the painted tree slices as stepping "stones"!

How fun would this be?!

Amazing Playgrounds from Around the World - Fantasy Playground- Hoenderloo, The Netherlands This whimsical playground looks like it emerged from the pages of a fairy tale story, with its cottage-like play structures and wavy architecture.

Modern playground- this could be fun!

Sculptural Playground in Schulberg by ANNABAU Landscape Architecture, Parks & Open Space, Future & Visionary

Old school McDonalds playground.

Old School McDonalds Playground.I used to love that Grimace thing.

Accessible Swings from BYO Recreation make playgrounds fun for everyone!

Handicapped playground equipment that is designed to help for disabled children.

'Magic Mountain' Rollercoaster climber in Germany

German artists Heike Mutter & Ulrich Genth debuted their "walkable rollercoaster" sculpture Nov 2011 in Duisburg, GER: Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain

high park adventure playground

Castle Playground in High Park, Toronto. My childhood consisted of visiting this playground. It kind of cool that this was part of the movie The Orphan.