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You tell me... does this belong to a big kid, or a little kid?

This treehouse was across the street from a house on the garden tour. When I saw it, I could not resist taking it's photo. I wonder if this thing has indoor plumbing and air-conditioning? I wish you could see how gigantic this tree is. The tree house is about 25 feet off the ground. Personally, I would love to have an office in a tree like this. :-)


Abandoned but Beautiful

A whole world opened up once I started exploring images of abandoned places. As in so many wonder posts, it's hard to pick and choose--and to stop because


The Hawthorne Mall - How the Abandoned Plaza Looks in 2020 — Ghost Town Travels


Coisas de Terê                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Coisas de Terê

Throw away bicycle. Photo: caption by Tang WING KIT - India.

Refugium Pompös (07) | It was pooring with rain when we step… | Flickr

Refugium Pompös (07)

It was pooring with rain when we stepped out of the car near this location. We found our way to the building through the bushes and once we were in I was really soaking wet. The newer part of this building has clearly been some sort of spa or wellness thingy, but the main, most interesting part, is unknown to me where it has been used for. Still pretty well intact, but unused, Unbelievable... Visited this location in January 2015 www.Maestro-Photography.nl Maestro Photography on Facebook


Top 10 Photos of the Week

Every bucket list should contain at least a few hours with an "attack puppy" "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice,

47 Amazing Staircases You'll Want to Climb ...

1. Organic 2. Stenciled STAIRS 3. New Orleans Square Disneyland 4. Hang Nga Guesthouse and Gallery in Dalat, Vietnam 5. Rustic 6. Baron's Palace, Heliopolis, Egypt 7. Glitter Staircase