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Painting with a palette knife is a challenging, but rewarding approach to paint application. However, the palette knife can be a difficult tool to master because

ARAMAIC The Aramaic language was the international trade language of the ancient Middle East between 1000 and 600 BCE, spoken from the Mediterranean coast to the borders of India. Its script, derived from Phoenician and first attested during the cent

The dramatic story of a seventh-century evangelist. Chosen as Eostre’s handmaid, Hild will serve the fertility goddess for a year before being wed. Her future is predictable until King Edwin …

This is the case that held the internal organs of King Tut. The goddess that surrounds the case is Selkit; she is the goddess of protection. I named my first Irish setter Selkit. Go figure an Egyptians favorite dogs are Irish and English setters!

Via Appia Antica, Roma

Bilderesultat for tone and color painting

England: Resting place of Anne Boleyn. (After she was beheaded, her body and head were dumped into an arrow box, and place in this unmarked spot. It wasn't until the century when her remains were found again.