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many people are standing in the snow with flags
a lake surrounded by mountains and trees
Ulvik, Hardanger, Norway - Stellar View What a Mountaintop over a Fjord
an old log cabin with grass on the roof
Jag som har det iskalla Trollblodet
Old Norwegian farm, Trondheim, Norway
boats are docked in the water near houses and mountains
Norway - Sund by Fabrizio Fenoglio / 500px
fishing village, Norway
a boat sitting on top of a lake surrounded by mountains
Norway ship VI (Gudvangen, norway 2007)
Viking ship photo by Manel Cantarero ... Norway
a green field with trees in the background and an old house on top of it
Windy Day in Norway
the view from top of a mountain looking down at valley below
Fuck Everything and Become a Pirate
sheep and horses graze on the grass by the water
Hestene -|- Horses at Steinnes
the aurora bore is seen over an icy river
Night by the river...