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The Sword of Secrets - It will keep your secrets if you keep its secrets
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Some fun items  - magic post
Some fun items  - magic post
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Suapow HawK Wondrous item, rare This special arrow is item created in collaboration between celves and sensitive dragons, for information. purposes of swift such communication blood of ribbon, can sensitive information. tiny item, such as a blood ribbon, can be fastened tot, or message offity words or fewer writen a sheet of parchment. Once the item or message is attached you must then utter the name or tile of a ereature in Draconie and shoot it into the air Ifthe recipient isn't on the same plane as you, the arrow doesnt activate when shot and travels on the same trajectory as mundane arrow, 'When in fight, the arrow manifests a dark aura in the shape 'fa hawk and travels in a straight line to its intended recipient. For the duration, the arrow has the same atti 'asa hawk, Ifthe as well is as immunity intercepted to peychie anyone and other poison damage. Ifthe arrow is intercepted by anyone other than the intended, recipient and the aura dispelled the arrow and its delivery the fire and crumbles in the to ash. nearest Upon secure reaching place its recipient, dissipates, the hawk lands in the nearest secure place and dissipates, Jeaving only the arrow and its delivery. SUNFORGED BLADE Weapon (any bladed weapon) very rare 'The secret ofthis weapon's creation is known only to sunfire elves, who infuse the metal ofthe blade with the essence of 'sun magic. A sunforged blade stays as hot asthe moment it 'was forged and can eut through other blades like butter. They must be kept in special rune-eribed sheaths that protect the 'wiclder from the blade's intense heat 'The red :hot blade sheds dim light in 20-foot radius and deals additional fire damage equal the base weapon's normal damage. On a eritical hit, the blade destroys any non- magical weapon wielded by its target, ifit has one. 'This was made with love by Diana Nock. You can contribute to her Patreon over at 'Some of the content by of this Ehasz document and Justin was directly Richmond. referenced The from remainder or inspired the by content is Netflix's owned show by The Wizards Dragon of the Coast, Prince, created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. The remainder of the content is owned by Wizards of the Coast, used under the OGL license. This document is neither approved nor endorsed by either Netflix or WotC. eoe - iFunny
Reddit - DnD - [OC] [Art] Show your martial PCs some love with 4 homebrewed weapons! Fantasy Armor
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Reddit - DnD - [OC] [Art] Show your martial PCs some love with 4 homebrewed weapons!
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Mechanical Familiar | An uncommon magic item to give you a little construct companion!
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Boldin's Beard Oil | D&D Magic Item
Get dozens of items, high res item art, and multiple usable formats on our Patreon. #dnd #homebrew #dndhomebrew #magicitem #fantasyitem #dndmagicitem #dungeondanddragons #abyssalbrews #5e #dnd5e #beard #dwarf #dwarven #mustache
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[OC][ART] Pox Arcana | Wondrous Item [Homebrewskies]