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a white bowl filled with stew and a spoon
German Beef Goulash
German Beef Goulash
the meat is covered in gravy and garnished with parsley
German Beef Rouladen- I followed the directions except I used yellow mustard, polish pickle and didn't use the wine. It came out fantastic and delicious. I will be fixing this again!! YUMMY!
a white plate topped with meat and gravy on top of mashed potatoes
German cuisine: culture, traditions, and popular dishes
Top ten foods in Germany: Best traditional German foods to try
two sausages and sauerkraut are on a white plate with some garnish
Several German food recipes: Bratwurst, Kartoffelpuffer, Jaegerschnitzel, Spaetzle, German-Style Fried Potatoes, and German Chocolate Brownies
the bread is being prepared and ready to be cooked in the oven, then baked
Beyond Kimchee
Apple Strudel, in memory of Germany - I love authentic recipes from other countries...it's even better when someone from that country teaches you - it makes it even more authentic
a white bowl filled with red cabbage on top of a wooden cutting board
Rotkohl, Blaukraut, Rotkraut - Red Cabbage
Rotkohl, Blaukraut, Rotkraut - Red Cabbage
a white plate topped with meat covered in sauce
Sauerbraten (German Pot Roast) I will actually have to give one of these sauerbraten recipes a try this week!
a plate with some food on it next to a knife
Oktoberfest Strudels
Oktoberfest Strudels - looks really good, but I don't think my family would eat it. They may just have to suffer through it, though!
a brown plate topped with meat and broccoli on top of a wooden table
Slow-Cooker Sauerbraten
Slow Cooker Sauerbraten Recipe~ Normally it takes 5 days to marinate the roast (you have to turn it every day) and that takes some planning. But this iis one of my favorite German recipes (I'm mostly of German descent). I grew up eating German food and learned from my Gramma how to make all the old country dishes. My husband hates German food *thunks head on table* D'oh!!!!!
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a stack of pretzels sitting next to a bottle of beer
Our Editors' Favorite Recipes of 2013
Soft Pretzels brush them with egg and a sprinkling of sea salt before baking, then dunk them in melty cheese for a party-worthy snack.
there are many sausages on the grill
Looking forward to my #German #Beergarden #Party tomorrow. This site has some great ideas if you'd like to host your own!