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so true! Don't piss a Cancer off because they can be heartless and really ruthless when you are on their bad side.

It's really perception on the last part here...I'm not about all the drama it entails...too much luggage heavy on the soul.

I'm a kickin' ass, sweet as pie woman.

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This is because people will think we are overreacting or that we are insane. We are not crazy, we just know too much and if angered, we will say what others fear most. Most people are not ready for our wrath.

Anyone who knows or LoVes a Cancer understands this....we are deeply emotional Be-ings.

Anyone who knows or LoVes a Cancer understands this.we are deeply emotional Be-ings. We just feel everything right to our core. Other Cancers must have related to this Pin as well - over hits. Thank you fellow Cancers !

Cancer's have a twisted sense of humor ️LO

thats my excuse and im sticking to it. i laugh at wrong times all the time

Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋

Cancer Zodiac Sign ♋ Sad but true least from people we care about

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