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a man handing money to a woman and the words can't quality for a marriage using tax returns? you don't need them anymore
No Doc Loans - Still Available?
No doc loans may still be available depending upon the type of property you intend to buy. Find out what your options are today and if there are any alternatives for you without having to qualify using tax returns. #nodoc #nodocumentation #nodocloans #selfemployed #mortgage #realestate #homebuying #taxreturns
a man in black leather jacket holding up a green bottle with the caption writing your real estate description
Do Not Make Your Home Into Something It Is Not With Your Real Estate Description
Write a compelling real estate description that will attract the right buyers to your home. Making your house something it is not will backfire. #homeseller #realestate
Bad Credit Mortgages - Bad credit lenders - Mortgages with bad credit - Bad credit loans - low credit score mortgages Ideas, Loans For Bad Credit, Bad Credit Mortgage, No Credit Loans, Mortgage Rates, Bad Credit Mortgages, Bad Credit Loans
Bad Credit Mortgages 2022 - Bad Credit Lenders
Bad Credit Mortgages - Bad credit lenders - Mortgages with bad credit - Bad credit loans - low credit score mortgages
a house with money in front of it and the words top 10 mortgage hacks
Top 10 Mortgage Hacks to Save Money
These are my top 10 mortgage hacks that are guaranteed to save you thousands of dollars. I personally used some of these mortgage tips and was able to pay off the mortgage in just 13 years. Just click through to find you can can do the same.
a book cover for buying a home in a flood zone with a house under the water
Buying a home in a flood zone
Everything you need to know about buying a home in a flood zone. Learn how to protect yourself, get insured and then prepare for the potential for a flood in the future.
a magnifying glass looking at a house with the words fia inspection everything you need to know
FHA Inspection Requirements and Appraisal Guidelines 2024 - FHA Lenders
If you are buying a home using FHA financing, you should have a full understanding of what the FHA inspection is all about, the costs, etc #FHA #FHAappraisal #FHAguidelines #FHAlenders
a man fixing an air conditioner with the words is a home warrant worth it?
Is a Home Warranty Worth It?
Many homeowners are offered a home warranty to cover losses to major appliances, furnaces, air conditioning, etc. However, is it worth the money? #homewarranty #homerepair #realestate
a house with the words how to buy your dream home for just $ 100 down
$100 Down Payment Mortgage!
The FHA $100 down program allows you the opportunity to purchase a home with just $100 down. The article shares how this works and also how realtors can be part of the process.
a woman is working on an electric heater with the words, buying a house with electric heat
Buying a House with Electric Heat
Should you buy a house with electric heat? Are you worried about high energy bills? Learn the truth in this article. #realestate #electricheat #energysavings #firsttimehomebuyer
an image of a house under construction with the words fha 209k rehab loan
FHA 203k Rehab Loan
Purchase your new home and also borrow the money needed to make improvements, remodel and make repairs. With just 3.5% down and a low interest rate, you can transform a fixer upper into your dream home. #FHA #FHA203k #FHArehab #FHArehabilitation #fhaloan #fhamortgage #203k #firsttimehomebuyer
a man pointing at the camera with text that reads things home buyers hate about your home
Things Home Buyers Will Hate About Your House: Seller Tips
a welcome mat with the words make home buyers feel welcome at open houses and shows
Make Home Buyers Feel Welcome at Open Houses and Showings
Make Home Buyers Feel Welcome at Open Houses and Showings Discover how to make home buyers feel truly welcomed at showings and open houses! From creating curb appeal with inviting entrances 🏡 to decluttering for a spacious feel, this article shares effective strategies to set your property apart. Enhance outdoor spaces 🌿, let in natural light ☀️, and stage with tasteful decor to help buyers envision their future home.
a collage of photos with the words will a corgi make a good apartment dog?
Will a Corgi Make a Good Apartment Dog?
Find out what traits make a good apartment dog and whether or not Corgis possess those traits best suited for apartment living. #apartmentliving #corgis
a woman sitting at a desk with her laptop on it and the words benefits of reverse searching an address
Benefits of Reverse Searching an Address
Reverse searching an address can be useful for various reasons but in what specific circumstances would you want to use it? Here are a few examples. #reverseaddresslookup #howto #addresslookup #peoplesearch #addresssearch
the front cover of a magazine with chairs and flowers
Stylish Entry | How To Create an Inviting Entry
Elevate your home's curb appeal with these 10 expert tips, designed to attract potential homebuyers and make a lasting impression. #realestate #homeselling #howto #curbappeal #diy #homesforsale