Martin Isak Jansen

Martin Isak Jansen

Martin Isak Jansen
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Parking garage ‘de Cope’ / JHK Architecten Is this building beautiful? Or is this picture beautiful? It is hard to know sometimes.

V Tower / Wiel Arets Architects

V Tower by Wiel Arets Architects. The glazed outer surface is treated with a reflecting silver print, effecting an alternation between transparency and a reflection of the towers skin

Watercube Glass tile for bathroom

PIN - Watercube Glass tile for bathroom. Such a unique and organic look. Love the way the light reflects off the glass and the bubble effect it gives off. I would like to see this in a clear glass where the iron content has been removed.

Yardhouse / Assemble

Handmade concrete tiles give a scaly facade to this collaborative workplace building designed by Assemble for artists and designers in east London. - Colourful shingles front Assemble's Yardhouse studios for east London creatives