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a bunch of clovers with the words can you find four leaf clovers?
St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages - Make and Takes
St. Patrick's Day Coloring Pages | Make and Takes
an elephant is painted on the wall in front of a door with colorful colors and patterns
My painting. .. Madhubani art.
five different pictures with the text free 5 sensess sort on them, and an image of
My Five Senses Sorting Cards
A playful review for teaching the five senses: The Five Sense Sort! A great hands on way to explore smelling, hearing taste, touch and seeing with preschool and kindergarten age kids!
a poster with words that say if you're happy and you know it
A great way for kids to work on listening skills, receptive language, body part identification, and following directions!*Ans For kids who are working on Expression, have them play as "Simon" while you do what they tell you!!
the words jump, walk, crawl, hop on one foot and tip - toe
Floor Number Game – free printables!
floor number game (50mo)