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Martine Kolstad

Martine Kolstad
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Shinjuku intersection, Tokyo, Japan

The calm before the storm, this is the busiest intersection in the world before the lights turn green, once it does, madness ensues. (Shinjuku intersection in Tokyo, Japan)

Lara Zankoul is a Lebanese conceptual photographer. Her art pushes the limits of contemporary fairy-tales, exploring the unseen. Born in Lebanon in 1987, Lara Zankoul graduated the American University of Beirut, with a Masters in Economics. But she found her true love elsewhere – in the art of drawing …

Last year we first shared this awesome photo by Lebanese photographer Lara Zankoul we were dying to know how it was made. Entitled The Zoo, it depicts a gentleman wearing our Horse Head Mask sitting.

double exposure nature portrait by antonio mora 2

Double Exposure Portraits by Antonio Mora Spanish artist Antonio Mora does women and men’s portraits in double exposure of natural elements& waves, moutains’ landscapes or animals and plants come juxtaposing on the models’ faces.