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I knew that Ron and Hermione would end up together from the first book. I knew…

One of my favorite parts from the book so sad it wasn't in the movie, but oh well. I think Harry is saying le what if you can't see

harry potter confessions. : Photo

Ron/Hermione and James/Lily: The family that Harry missed out on. **Aside from a few spelling errors, this pin has profound insight into the relationship between Ron and Hermione and how it impacts Harry.

Ron and Hermione

Ron and Hermione💞 Ron and Hermione’s relationship is beautiful because they loved each other the whole time and just didn’t realize it. Same thing with Lily and James

oh young love

I love how she takes the glasses off of his face here! I think it just goes to prove that Hermione doesn't like Harry in that way. It proves that Ron's nightmares when opening the locket were completely untrue in the real world, and Hermione loves Ron.

HP Shipping Confessions

HP Shipping Confessions- not to mention I thing Harry and Hermione look at each other like brother and sister