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Martine Skogstrand

Martine Skogstrand
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Want to get rid of your cellulite? Well there's no pill that works but if you follow the tips in here, you'll definitely notice it reducing and you'll feel more confident in your skin! #cellulite

What is Cellulite? Why does it plague of all women? And how can we cure cellulite in Beaufort? That's basically the question! Cellulite is fat. No one really knows the exact cause of cellulite and it’s not just any old fat. Beaufort health and fitness.

Lift weights for a toned body.

"Deadlifts: The King of Exercises" The title says it all! Deadlifts are a phenomenally functional and effective exercise, for men and women. Physically exerting, while recruiting pretty much all major muscles of the body.

next ear piercing?! I think so!!!!

i had the top pierced in my skull tattoo to put a bow earing.first time i took it out, it closed :(