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Punk A-line Suspender Skirt -

I think it might look a bit better if the pinkish shirt was a button up long sleeve shirt, and white lines on the socks. And a little bit longer. And maybe a short blazer.

Distressed leather skinny jeans

Although safety pins are a symbol of the punk culture, it is also a stereotype. When people see safety pins they automatically assume that that person is a punk.

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My 20 minute over-bust shrug. Took a t-shirt, cut the sleeves, looped the slashes together, and cropped it super short. T-Shirt Custom Trends

Turn your boring jeans into this, by ripping them , and writing them with permanent marker. This is great if you like the grunge and punk stlye

Now be honest and admit how many pairs of old boring jeans do you own? The answer is probably greater than And it's not a big deal cause jeans