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Martin Haugland
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Typical Dwarves. If only you had the ability of us Elves.

Oakentoon – On The Matter of Blindness; Oakentoon – The Road Goes Ever On; Oakentoon – All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

Oakentoon #19: Farewell to Rivendell by PeckishOwl

ABOUT THIS OAKENTOON Considering what has been happening in the previous four episodes, Elrond had it coming, didn't he? Title taken from "The Lord of t. Oakentoon Farewell to Rivendell

Bad dads and moronic mums: More shocking pictures of the world's worst parents…

The leader of a pack of Uruk-hai from the Lord of the Rings and a terrified child. I don't care if my kids would cry, "You're GOING to have your picture made with this orc, damnit!