Martin Walter
More ideas from Martin, ratties do love their peas

"Hi, Sweet Pea! Inquisitive and intelligent creatures, rats can make wonderful, affectionate pets. These highly social rodents should be handled and given playtime each day to prevent boredom and encourage their curious nature.

" At Christmas, don't furget ta put dat tiny present of gift-wrapped cheese outside our habitat."

natgeofound: “ Cat and white rat abide in peace. When different species grow up together, they often lose their enmity, April by Walter Chandoha, National Geographic ”

Hey guys. What's up? I decided to make a new board called Dear Diary. I'm just gonna post stuff that happens to me and stuff. If you'd like an invite to this board just ask, k? So basically, I found out that there are rats in my house! We're going to take care of it though.

" Did you know that domestic rats are NOT like drain pipe or sewer rats? They clean, intelligent and can even be taught to play rattie basketball on a rat size court, of course - lol.