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four pictures showing how to make an ornament for a flower vase with flowers on it
Clay Christmas Owls
Clay Owl Ornaments - so easy to make from a simple circle of Clay!
some chocolates are laying on a wooden table and ready to be cut into pieces
students trace their hands in clay, design, and lay clay in a bowl for shape
there are several pictures of different items made out of clay and plastic materials that look like handprints
Mid Century Ceramic Hand Dish
This beautiful project is simple for kids to make and is a lovely momento for a loved one. Inspired by Bitossi ceramics of the 60's
there are many colorful balloons hanging from the ceiling in this school room with no one around them
paper mache art projects for elementary students
paper mache art projects for elementary students - use with Dr Seuss oh the places you'll go...(a book theme is cool)
two paper mache cats sitting next to each other on top of a white table
Papier Mache Pets
In Art class, fourth graders learned the difference between shape (2-D) and form (3-D) while creating these papier mache pets. Students coul...
three different ornaments hanging from a christmas tree, one is blue and the other is green
Salt Dough Ornaments Inspired by The Rainbow Fish – Gluten-free Recipe!
The Rainbow Fish Book & Salt Dough Ornament
some white hearts are hanging from a wire on a shelf next to a glass vase
A Mermaid's Tale
handmade heart decorations (salt dough, then strung together with ribbon/wire)
many different colored vases with faces and mouths painted on them, all in different colors
Mini Taller d'Art
Paper Mache Monsters- colorful art project for kids