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an open door leading to a kitchen with pink walls and white counter tops, along with potted plants on shelves
These 10 Neutral Paint Colors Are Interior Designer-Approved—Shop Them Now
Shop the best neutral paint colors—they'll let your aesthetic shine, whether you're creating a soothing monochrome space or showing off vibrant artwork, furniture, and textiles. When you shop, look for blue, gray, green, yellow, tan, and pink undertones; they'll help you choose the right shade for your home. #details #easyhomedecorideas #homedecorinspiration #homeimprovementideas #marthastewart
a table with a lamp and a candle on it in front of a couch cushion
15 Amazon Products Under $50 That Will Elevate Your Home
Elevate your home with these products from Amazon, which all cost less than $50. Our picks include everything from wall décor to rugs and lamps.
Learn how often you should replace your bed pillows, according to experts. Not replacing your pillows often enough can cause allergies and discomfort while you sleep. Pillows, Bed Pillows, How To Make Pillows, Bed, Dust Mites, Discomfort, Learn How
How Often You Should Replace Your Pillows, According to Experts
Learn how often you should replace your bed pillows, according to experts. Not replacing your pillows often enough can cause allergies and discomfort while you sleep.
a bedroom with green walls and white linens on the bed, along with an area rug
Sherwin-Williams Color Expert App Brings AI Technology to Your Home
Sherwin-Williams just launched a new app that uses AI technology to help you find the perfect paint color for your space. Simply upload a photo of your space and the app will recommend a paint color based on what's already in your space.
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place next to a brick wall fireplace
What Is German Schmear? Plus, Where You Can Use It
German schmear is a mortar-wash technique that can change the look of exposed brick and imbue it with rich depth and character. We spoke to a designer to learn more about this pretty method to refresh your brick.
a living room filled with lots of furniture and windows covered in floral draping
What Is Pattern Drenching? Plus, Tips for How to Do It Well
If you love a bold, maximalist look, consider pattern drenching when you redecorate next. Here, experts explain what pattern drenching is and how to get the look.
a chair and some paint cans on a sheeted floor in front of a window
How Long Does Paint Last? Plus, How to Know If a Can Has Gone Bad
The canned paint you use for interior projects can stay fresh for years—or spoil faster than it should—depending on how you store it. Here, we explain how long paint lasts, including how to make it last the longest.
three vases and a lamp on a table
How to Thrift Shop Like an Interior Designer
If you're wondering how to start thrifting—or improve how you do it now—you've come to the right place. We talked to designers for their best tips for shopping secondhand
an empty room with white shutters on the windows and a table in front of it
How to Use Japandi Style in Your Home, According to Interior Designers
Japandi is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design. We spoke to designers about the fundamental elements and how to get the look.
a living room filled with furniture and bookshelves covered in white bookcases
20 Bookshelf Ideas That Are Stylish and Well-Curated
These bookshelf ideas will show you how to style yours like an interior designer would. We spoke to experts for their tips and tricks for how to make your bookshelves look just right.
a dining room with wallpaper, chairs and a chandelier in the center
Can You Paint Over Wallpaper? Experts Weigh In
Removing your wall coverings before a paint job can more than double the amount of time it usually takes to complete this renovation project. Is it absolutely necessary? Experts weigh in.
the living room is clean and ready for us to use in its new year's eve
Family Room vs. Living Room—Plus, Designer Tips for Styling Each
While these terms sound similar, they actually denote two completely different rooms in your home. #details #easyhomedecorideas #homedecorinspiration #homeimprovementideas #marthastewart
a woman standing in a room with green walls
MTV Cribs Martha Stewart's Bedford Home Tour
Consider this your personal invitation to the 156-acre property, complete with seven houses and many animals. #apartmentideas #decorideas #decorinspiration #homedecor #marthastewart #smallspaceideas
a white bathroom with green vases on the wall and a tub in the corner
9 Creative Ways to Style All Those Empty Corners in Your Home
Brighten an empty corner in your home with these smart styling tips that make the most of a small space. #details #easyhomedecorideas #homedecorinspiration #homeimprovementideas #marthastewart
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place in the middle of a room
Sherwin-Williams Least Popular Paint Color—See the Underrated Shade Here
Less than 11,000 gallons of this color have been tinted over the last 14 years.