Hilde Humphrey

Hilde Humphrey

Hilde Humphrey
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Werenskiold: On the Plain, 1883, Norway

Erik Theodor Werenskiold (Pittore norvegese 1855 - On the Plain (Telemark Girl), 1883 - olio su tela, 80 x 99 cm

Erik Werenskiold illustrated Norwegian farytales: "Så lo de godt begge to" - P_08.09.2012

"Then they both laughed heartily" - «Så lo de så inderlig godt begge to

Christian Krohg (1852 – 1925) Norwegian Painter

highvictoriana: “Christian Krohg - at the Police Doctor’s Waiting Room, painting by the Norwegian writer and painter illustrating his then very controversial novel Albertine about the life of.