So-Ro cradle

The so-ro cradle rocks the child in a forward manner, like we rock babies in our arms. The cradle helps babies get to sleep quickly and is a more comfortable movement for the baby than sideways rocking.

Haugen/Zohar Architects have designed an outdoor fireplace in Trondheim, Norway.

Outdoor fireplace by Hagen and Zohar. Inspired by Norwegian turf huts, the versatile design illuminates the garden at night while shielding your fire from the wind. An excellent play structure when not in use as a fire hut.

Design: Pur Norsk

Pur Norsk Cato - Moose Coat Hanger in various woods and black or white.


Norsk design: Lampen Skog av Caroline Olsson

Norwegian Ambassadør — Top of the cork. 50% white, 50% black corks. Design by Sans Colour.

Norwegian Ambassadør — Top of the cork. Design by Sans Colour. in Logo / Identity

Wik & Walsøe

Love this beautiful design from Wik & Walsoe.

Re-Turned by Lars Beller Fjetland, 100% Norway 2012, London Design Festival

Norwegian designer Lars Beller Fjetland shared his lovely family of ‘Re-turned’ birds. A concept where ignored pieces of leftover wood are assembled together into cute little birds, giving them a new shot at life.