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This is beyond wonderful. I loved Wilf and Ten... ALL THE FEELS!

-If you were my dad. This was one of the most touching scenes. The Doctor, who lost whatever family he had, well, Wilf is like a father to him. The Doctor is 900 years older and Wilf is like his dad. --- oh god the feels

History repeating itself, for we have too many Americans who do not know our country's history or the damage their ignorance & hate will do to innocent families.

friend got annoyed with me for telling a normally masculine person that they looked good in a dress because i was supporting normal gender roles. No i just think people look better in formal wear.

Dump Trump

Just boggles my mind that some lower income voters honestly thought that a rich guy like Trump could be their representative. Of course, now he's going after the benefits that lower income people need to survive.

The "Spock is a descendant of Sherlock Holmes" theory: | The 13 Most Indisputable Fan Theories Of 2013

My mind is officially blown… GAHH! Sherlock is a descendant of Spock and Sherlock sorta rhymes with Spock! And, And, And, Ben Cumberbatch is in "Into Darkness" the Star Trek Movie!

"The first thing Bucky thinks about after having been tortured by the Nazis is if something hurt Steve." / Captain America : The First Avenger