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three men standing next to each other in front of a red wall
a man pointing at the camera with his finger
Best tv show ever and you know it. #Supernatural
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Printed leggings & Chambray... I need printed leggings!!
the plot of supernatural in movies
Pretty much the whole plot of Supernatural
Pretty much the whole plot of Supernatural <--- pinning for the comment. OH GOD IT HURTS. *intense sobbing and wailing*
a black and white photo of a man holding a coffee cup with the words not bad on it
Jensen Ackles
a man sitting in the drivers seat of a car with his hands behind his head
Jensen Ackles, everybody.
an image of a man on stage with words in the middle that say, what's it like to be really attractive?
Hahahhaha, Jared's reaction is the best part. #supernatural #jaredpadalecki #jensenackles
a close up of a person with a beard and black shirt in front of a white background
a shirtless man laying on the floor reading a book with an open notebook next to him
oh Jensen ♥
a man with his arms crossed standing in front of a poster
Jensen Ackles | Supernatural
three different shots of the same man in sunglasses
Misha, Jensen and Jared.
a man with no shirt sitting on a chair
Jensen Ackles
a man is looking at the camera with an ad in front of him that says, jersen ackles fact 16
Jensen Ackles is like fine wine..
a man wearing a hat in the dark with his eyes wide open and one eye partially closed
Jensen Ackles
four different pictures of men making funny faces
Jensen being jensen