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two orange crates sitting on top of a wooden deck
DIY Wood Crate Pumpkins
Crafty Morning - Kids Crafts, Recipes, and DIY Projects
a person laying on the ground with a pumpkin in their head and one hand holding a jack - o'- lantern
Halloween Decorations for Halloween 2016 – Easyday
a garden with lots of green plants and wooden sticks sticking out of it's sides
DIY Tin Scarecrow
DIY Tin Scarecrow. Maybe this will scare away the bunnies that are eating my plants and flowers.
pumpkins are stacked on top of each other in front of a sign that says pumpkins
two pumpkins are sitting on the floor next to each other
Halloween Decorations
Block Pumpkins - Halloween decorations made from pallet wood.
there are many different vases with faces on them
large group halloween wine glasses
an image of a halloween decoration made out of branches and jack - o'- lanterns
21 Fun Scarecrow Ideas To Make For Halloween And All Year Round
Check out Scarecrow Ideas for the Homestead at
an old fashioned doll is holding some tools
Earlywork- A Wing and a Prayer
Earlywork- A Wing and a Prayer
a creepy stuffed animal sitting next to a witch's hat on a table top
Earlywork- A Wing and a Prayer
Earlywork- A Wing and a Prayer
a dog made out of burlocks in the woods
Scarecrow dog
scarecrow dog. I really want him! Want to format your comment? By hilly bean No real name given + Add Contact This photo was taken on August 18, 2008 in Oaxaca, MX. 82 views This photo belongs to hilly bean's photostream (26) Newest photo → This photo also appears in Misc (set) Additional info Settings: → License All Rights Reserved Privacy This photo is visible to everyone
a lighted scarecrow in the dark with his arms spread out and two pumpkins on top
Pumpkin-head scarecrow
#Scarecrow-with spotlight. A little effort of adding a spotlight can make a huge difference in the overall effect.